Inspire the life long learner within


Lexlife Solutions is a local, family owned business specialising in learning and development.
We believe in evolving the world of learning, one program at a time.

Customised innovative solutions that engage learners.

 Lexlife Solutions was created because we believe learning should be fun and engaging, not dull or dry! At Lexlife , we want to make sure you have the best fit learning solutions for you and your employees, filled with meaningful learning experiences for life. 


Our research shows that customised learning tailored to your brand, your team and your needs, designed to concisely and creatively cover what is necessary is more effective than any off the shelf training, traditional package. 

WE customise for YOUR BRAND

We design for YOUR LEARNERS

we incorporate your tools

we deliver YOUR OUTCOMES

I have a passion for learning and technology. When these two elements are combined, the possibilities are endless. Learning through technology may have been around for almost 20 years but it is still yet to even scratch the surface of its potential. At Lexlife, we examine the content, the learners and the learning environment to develop the best possible learning solutions.
Whether it be designing blended, immersive or eLearning programs, training on IT integrated systems for multi-million dollars organisations or managing development strategies for growing businesses, I have a sincere passion in providing innovative solutions to help people develop and grow. At Lexlife, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality; we are here to provide you with what you need to see your teams evolve.

Whether you know exactly what you need or don't know where to start, we want to help.

We can find the best learning solution for you, bring your content to life, design programs from the ground up or develop solutions using innovative technologies to solve a problem you need fixed.

We’ll help you choose the right learning experience tailored just for you from immersive learning to blended scenario based learning. We promise to give you our best. 


We design solutions just for you.


Great learning solutions happen when the right building blocks are in place. We get to know your learners and your organisation’s needs to identify the best approach for development.


We work with you to create a learning design plan, curate the proper content and craft learning programs that are effective, efficient and fun using interactive, immersive and blended scenario-based learning.


We develop engaging learning solutions using the most innovative technologies- HTML5, animation, virtual reality, videos, 360 videos, voice-over recording and interactive, immersive authoring tools.


LEX is our Learning Experience Platform that works for you. Take care of your learning management, collaboration and authoring all-in-one system.

Explore our solutions to see how we can help you!