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Interactive Echocardiography Experience

A successful business owner and specialist in her field evolved her static presentations into an interactive eLearning program with practical activities catering to all learning styles.

Blended Real Estate Experience

A privately owned real estate company transformed their static manuals into blended learning solutions with curated presentations, interactive workbooks and customised scenario based eLearning programs.

E-learning and Online Education for Student and University Concept. Graphic interface showing technology of digital training course for people to do remote learning from anywhere.

Scenario-Based Mandated Training Experience

A traditional healthcare organisation improved their traditional training courses through interactive and adaptive scenario-based eLearning programs to create more efficient, empathetic and engaged learners.

Adaptive Problem Solving Experience

Adaptive learning addresses the unique needs of each learner, increasing the levels of engagement and retention. This problem solving experience takes the learner on a customised journey of finding solutions to simple and complex issues using practical and creative solutions.

A man and a woman in glasses of virtual reality. The concept of modern technologies and technologies of the future. Fragmented by pixels. VR glasses.

Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Immersive learning takes a learner on a journey that is out of this world. It creates efficient pathways to enjoy learning with real-world scenarios resulting in accelerated proficiency, improved operations, engaged employees and unique insights.


Safety Automative Demo Experience

An organisation requested a demo to provide essential car maintenance that communicated safe practices. This resulted in an engaging and interactive eLearn demo that was efficient and successful in communicating safe practices.

Interactive Echocardiography Experience

Blended Real Estate Experience