How do you stay motivated? 

We all are looking for ways to motivate- inspire ourselves to get healthier, encourage our children to read more, persuade our friends to join us in a cooking class or to learn a new language, or inspire our teams to learn new skills and achieve success. Our lives are full of areas needing that push. We all experience moments and times in our lives where we feel motivated and times where we wish we could just get that extra jolt. With the start of the new financial year, have you made any goals, any anticipation of what’s ahead?

Let’s stay motivated together to achieve these aspirations.

Start slow. 

So often, myself included, we play the all or nothing game. We either have the ability to do it every day or we won’t do it at all. Well it doesn’t have to be this way. We will never finish responding to 200 emails or ten voicemails if we can’t bother responding to one. Make small steps every day. We always encourage our clients during the design learning process to start slow. We help them focus so they too can achieve their learning goals. It is remarkable how this discipline evolves our opportunities.

Start now.

No more excuses. Start RIGHT now. Do something in this moment that is motivating you towards a goal. I mean it, stop reading and make an impact. You will thank yourself later. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you have a health goal, take that walk right now. If you have a learning goal, give us a call. If you have a financial goal, open that account. When we started our business, we did just that. We stopped waiting for the right time and we took the first small step: we developed the name for our business. We always encourage our clients to take the journey with us and start now. There is never a better time to see progress happen than in the present.


Stop, when needed.  Don’t expect to be motivated all of the time. The fact is, we all feel uninspired sometimes. Destroy that idea that says you have to be constantly working or grinding in order to be productive. Sometimes what you need to get motivated is the one thing you are running away from- rest, recovery or reflection. We always encourage our clients to take moments to reflect; these are some of the most vital during the design phases of learning. If we want to get fresh perspectives, sometimes we need to walk away and return with a new viewpoint and an open mind. These are the keys towards building learning solutions for life, while also the keys to staying motivated, resilient and happy during times of progress in all areas of our lives.

Little things make for big days.

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