Everyday we turn on the news and see how the world is changing with this pandemic, it is hard to imagine how long it will last and how different the world could be. By now your world has probably already changed drastically. Most people we work with have transitioned to working from home and teachers in Australia are all trying to prepare for a work from home future.

Two years ago, we started Lexlife Solutions and I decided to move from teaching in schools to working at home. As we see posts from around the world stating the difficulties of isolation and working from home with family and some while trying to “Home School” their children, we wanted to share what we have learned to try and share some tips with the transition.

Tip #1

Murphy’s Law – What can go wrong, will go wrong!

Working at home relies on technology, computers, phones, internet and even TV. When you work on site in a company or in a school, you would be used to unlimited access to technology, high speed networks, internet and IT support. You may find when you start working from home, the lack of a network with instant backup drives and high-speed internet can suddenly expose the flaws and lack of speed in your computer devices.

Be prepared to lose work and time when your computer crashes, you have corrupted files, internet upload/download fails, or you lose a device due to damage or theft. Your device, whatever you have, needs to be fast and reliable. We use personal devices such as our Microsoft Surfaces for this reason.

Save, save again, and save regularly. Save versions of everything just in case a file becomes corrupt from device, software or internet failure.

Brent’s advice, “Save files offline while you work on them to cater for slow and/or unreliable internet connections. Most importantly, remember at some point you will lose work or time. Do not get frustrated, annoyed or panicked. Take a break, take a step out of the situation. It is not the end of the world!”

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